[swift-users] Learning OpenGL with Swift

David Turnbull dturnbull at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 12:11:57 CST 2016

There's many tutorials for learning OpenGL with C++, and at least one for
learning OpenGL with Objective-C, but I couldn't find more than a few small
blog posts about OpenGL with Swift. So I fixed that for you.


The first few tutorials are done. It will to take a very long time to
finish the rest. But it's ready for feedback and I'm going to need some
encouragement to continue.

In addition, the SwiftGL libraries have been split apart. While they were
always meant to work together, none of them depended on each other.
Specifically, this addresses software that uses Apple libraries but also
wants to use enhanced syntax of the SwiftGL Loader.

-david  http://swiftgl.org/
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