[swift-users] Package Manager and iOS apps

Ankit Aggarwal ankit_aggarwal at apple.com
Fri Mar 31 03:01:58 CDT 2017

Hi Tim,

You can read about plan for supporting iOS here
SwiftPM 4 roadmap here
You can write your package in a way that it can be used with SwiftPM,
CocoaPods and Carthage (depending on what all you want to support). This
allows using the package with SwiftPM for the command line application and
other dependency manager(s) for iOS application.

PS: Check out SwiftPlate <https://github.com/JohnSundell/SwiftPlate> which
lets generates a template which can be used to support all dependency
managers. I haven't actually used it but it looks good!

On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 6:30 AM, Tim Dean via swift-users <
swift-users at swift.org> wrote:

> Hello Swift Users:
> Has the roadmap defined a timeframe for building iOS applications using
> the Swift Package Manager? I am working on a handful of modules that will
> be shared between a Mac command line utility app and a couple different iOS
> apps. I’d like to use SPM for building the shared code as individual
> modules, and then to define packages for the command line utility and each
> iOS application with dependencies on the shared code modules.
> All code will be Swift-only
> Is the SPM a good options or should I be sticking with CocoaPods or
> Carthage?
> Thanks
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