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Believe it or not, it is on my list of things to explore. I’ve already partially implemented a very rudimentary DataObject for hiding some of the medium lifting in PG (and TSQL, though it’s not public at this time). I’ve been poking at LINQ and thinking about possible ways to implement something similar.

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Oh, on OS X, swift works fine with PostgreSQL and ODBC datasources via Obj-C frameworks, that isn’t the challenge.

It would be interesting to see how far Swift’s syntax can be pushed to create a cleaner syntax for queries. I’m thinking of C#’s LINQ, which is really sweet. Some LINQ stuff can be replicated in Swift, I believe, but there are parts of it that rely on a super-powerful C# feature where a function can receive a parameter in the form of a parse tree of the expression. (Sort of like LISP macros.)

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