[swift-users] Compiler switch?

Don Wills don.wills at portablesoftware.com
Tue Jan 5 21:02:59 CST 2016

Hello Swift-Users,

I am building an automated translator to translate from another programming language to Swift.  It's mostly working, but there is one issue that would be hard for the translator to deal with - the issue of 'var' vs. 'let' declarations.

Right now the translator always creates local variables with the 'var' keyword.  The result is lots of warnings from the compiler suggesting the change of 'var' to 'let' when the compiler ascertains that the variable cannot be modified.

My question is this:  Can the Swift compiler be modified to allow for turning off warnings in general or the 'var' vs. 'let' warning in particular?

If this email list is not the correct place to ask such a question, please suggest where I might ask the question.  Thanks.

Don Wills

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