[swift-server-dev] [HTTP] Value vs Reference Types

Dan Appel dan.appel00 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 15:07:55 CST 2016

Hello everyone!

I was unable to make the kick-off meeting for the HTTP sub-team, but I
looked over the meeting notes
found some topics that I think could use some more on-the-record discussion.

A few questions that I wanted to raise:

1. Do we want to use concrete types or protocols for Request/Response?
2. If we use concrete types, do we want value or reference semantics?
3. When is it more convenient to have reference semantics?
4. Are there problems that can't be solved with value semantics?

I would like to avoid bike-shedding, and I think this can be done by
providing real examples rather than just talking about the pros and cons.
Dan Appel
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