[swift-evolution] continuations - "extensions on steroids" idea

Mike Kluev mike.kluev at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 13:09:21 CDT 2017

On 1 November 2017 at 15:31, BJ Homer <bjhomer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Again, though, “anyone” here only means “anyone working in the same
> module”. Which is a very restricted set of “anyone”: it only includes
> people who already have full access, and could just modify the original
> struct anyway.

by this logic we can conclude that "private" in C++ is absolutely useless,
as anyone (like "anyone in the world with the header") can change the
header from: "private: void foo();" to "public: void foo();" even without
the need of having the corresponding source file with "void foo()". right?

i'd say wrong. i'd say that even if i have a physical write access to, say,
30 third party libraries and use them in my project doesn't mean i am
"free" to go to those other people classes and change private things to
public willy nilly, or add variables to their classes, etc. my proposal, as
well as the above example with C++ private - only works if people "behave".
ledger is an explicit list of parts allowed. a guest list if you wish.
"party crashing" is not addressed in this proposal.

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