[swift-evolution] Swift phases and mis-timed proposals

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Wed Jun 14 13:22:58 CDT 2017

> Not even just for development… a standard repository for “substandard” library(s) would be a great for commonly used types that aren’t quite commonly used enough to include in stdlib, and IMHO, could really help Swift’s ecosystem (I’m not claiming that it’s poor now or anything, but there’s nothing wrong with making it the best we can).
There have been attempts to establish exactly that (I'd describe it as "Boost for Swift"), but without at least a tiny bit of support from Core, such plans imho won't be successful:
It's way to easy to start your own "substandard"...

My favourite example why this would be beneficial are quaternions, which have several implementations in different Apple frameworks :-( — and there are a lot of really simple datatypes and functions which might be implemented over and over, all doing nearly identical things, but none of them compatible with each other.
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