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Jonathan Hull jhull at gbis.com
Thu Jun 1 06:33:40 CDT 2017

I am not suggesting open sourcing UIKit or Cocoa (or any platform specific UI code).  I am suggesting creating a very small open source swift-corelib that sits on top of foundation, and adds basic visual concepts like Color, Image, AttributedText, and (hat tip to T.J.) BezierPaths.  Things where the concepts themselves are completely cross-platform, and they really should be in foundation, except that they are visual concepts, and thus got packaged with the whole platform framework for historical reasons.


> On Jun 1, 2017, at 2:53 AM, Alex Blewitt <alblue at apple.com> wrote:
>> On 1 Jun 2017, at 09:57, Jonathan Hull <jhull at gbis.com <mailto:jhull at gbis.com>> wrote:
>> I could be wrong, but my understanding is that Foundation is being open sourced as well, and distributed with Swift across various platforms.
> It is already open source; the source code for the Swift/Linux port is here:
> https://github.com/apple/swift-corelibs-foundation <https://github.com/apple/swift-corelibs-foundation>
> However, Foundation has never contained any UI code, which on macOS is in the Cocoa framework and on iOS in the UIKit framework. These are both Apple frameworks, which you can discuss on the Apple mailing lists. To find the appropriate one, you can consult https://lists.apple.com/mailman/listinfo <https://lists.apple.com/mailman/listinfo> - I would suggest the cocoa-dev mailing list.
> Alex

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