[swift-evolution] Will existentials ever conform to their protocols?

Braeden Profile jhaezhyr12 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 22:30:01 CST 2017

Hello Swift Community!

I know that I’ve seen this mentioned before, but what with Enhanced Existentials being brought up, I think this is worth mentioning now.  What is the plan regarding letting existentials conform to their protocols?  Currently, in Swift 3, it is impossible to write code like this:
protocol Updatable
	{ func update() }

struct UpdatePool<T: Updatable>
	{ /* ... */ }

let heterogenousPool = UpdatePool<Updatable>()
Error on the last line:  “Using ‘Updatable’ as a concrete type conforming to protocol ‘Updatable’ is not supported.”

Although my most common use case of this behavior has actually been solved (using ‘AnyObject’ as a concrete type conforming to ‘AnyObject’), I wonder why this can’t be extended to any protocol existential (a field which is about to explode, if we succeed in Enhancing them).

What do you guys think?

—Braeden Hintze
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