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It'd certainly be nice to have more formal reviews, but I would disagree
with the rest of your proposal. The Swift Evolution process guidelines
explicitly tell authors to be responsive to comments during the review
period. This naturally lends itself to back-and-forth conversation, and in
the past the conversation has (sometimes) resulted in improvements to
proposals. I would hate to see that reduced to formal postings only.

Naturally, it is important that all participants maintain a professional
approach to debate, but let's not pretend controversy doesn't exist in the
community when it does. Among other things, it only lends itself to new
threads with requests for re-consideration because argument X or Y wasn't
brought up during review.

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> Hi there,
> I have noticed that on the most controversial reviews there has been a
> trend of people arguing their specific stance on the proposal beyond the
> formal response. I am referring to the instances when somebody formally
> reviews a proposal but keeps responding to other peoples proposals in order
> to reiterate their position.
> I'm all for debate and bike shedding but I don't think a review thread is
> the right place:
> 1) it makes it difficult for review managers to gather all the input
> 2) it distracts from other reviewer's input
> 3) turns reviews into heated discussions that discourage actual formal
> reviews.
> I recently saw this in the sealed by default review but I have seen it
> before.
> Perhaps the review manager can state that every person should only respond
> once or twice to the public formal review thread?
> Another thing I have noticed is people giving .5 , +0 reviews. I know we
> are not voting here per se but I fail to see how these reviews help the
> review manager or the community make a decision for or against the
> proposal; perhaps this could be addressed in a different thread. I just
> feel that when somebody gives a 0, .5 review, it encourages people to
> respond to the reviewer in trying to convince them into a side. My
> recommendation is that people who are not sure should wait for other people
> to give concrete input to inform a concrete response.
> Thanks!
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