[swift-evolution] [Pitch] merge types and protocols back together with type<Type, Protocol, ...>

Adrian Zubarev adrian.zubarev at devandartist.com
Sat May 14 09:03:39 CDT 2016

I’ve done some progress on the draft proposal. There are still a few things to fill, but now it should be clear what `all<>` will solve (empty cells in the table) and what types it might produce (equivalent refined type). 
`protocol<>` could completely be replaced with `all<>`.

I have rewritten the examples for `all<>` to be more specific and moved `class<>` etc. to future directions with some examples what can be done with these.

Due the fact that Swift 3 will have generic typealias and possible `any<>`, `struct<>` and `enum<>` in the future, we could also build `value<>` which I showed at the button of the proposal.

Feel free to give me some feedback. :)

Adrian Zubarev
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