[swift-evolution] Pitch: (Almost) std libs

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Fri Jan 29 11:31:34 CST 2016

> I was thinking about the requirements to make this happen. It only needs someone to do the initial organization. So I created a GitHub organization and put up a couple projects. The Matrix4 project is feature-complete. The Complex project is just a foothold.
> Now we need more projects. The readme in the contrib project has information about getting your project added.
> https://github.com/swift-breeze <https://github.com/swift-breeze>
I fear it won't be that simple…

First problem: "Hey github, where can I request team membership??"
I just starred the contrib repo, and I guess you can use this information to bring me into that team… but it should be more straightforward to join.
Or wait, maybe I'm to quick here: Should it be easy to join at all?

The second problem is most likely the real showstopper:
Establishing a real standard requires influence, and that is hard to earn…
It is possible someone else starts a project with the same goal next week, and maybe someone already did it last year, and I just don't know about that "standard".

Although no absolute requirement, chances for success would be significantly better if the project was managed (or at least supported) by an accepted authority — and taking into account that it is desirable that ultimately its results are shipped with Swift itself, the preferred choice for a manager is someone working in the Core Team (or, more general: At Apple).

I don't know how successful ResearchKit is right now, but I guess it could act as a prototype.

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