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> On Jan 29, 2016, at 12:24 AM, David Turnbull <dturnbull at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 10:18 PM, Charles Kissinger <crk at akkyra.com <mailto:crk at akkyra.com>> wrote:
> In your readme, you mention random number generation as a potential project. It’s worth mentioning that Apple has a really nice set of RNG classes for Swift already, but it’s hidden away in GameplayKit. It may be a little off-topic for this list, but I would love to see that moved from GameplayKit to Foundation and become a part of cross-platform Swift.
> The Objective-C runtime is not part of the Swift open source project. So moving anything from GameplayKit isn't possible. You'd just be rewriting everything in Swift.

Understood, but rewriting the Foundation classes in Swift *is* part of the Swift open source project. I was suggesting two things: moving the classes to Foundation because they are broadly useful for much more than games; then doing the open source implementation (translation to Swift) as part of the Core Libraries subproject. But as I said above, probably off-topic for this list.


> I think the C++11 or Boost model for PRNG would be well received.
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