[swift-evolution] Mailman?

David Owens II david at owensd.io
Tue Dec 15 12:52:43 CST 2015

> On Dec 15, 2015, at 10:27 AM, Kevin Wooten <kdubb at me.com> wrote:
> See what I’m getting at here. There’s nothing your mail client and manual management does that Github doesn’t do “better”; although for people like yourself who enjoy using your mailbox exclusively  you can just opt into all discussions and never log into Github again. I really don’t see how this change would harm you.

It doesn’t harm me. It really doesn’t matter to me if everything moved to GitHub. I think some things are lost and other things are gained. I think it poses a risk to conflate things that are actually happening with Swift versus what people are attempting to have happen with Swift. That clarity is lost.

> Make it sound as time consuming as you want. It’s only in the unlikely event of complete Github collapse; I’m betting on Facebook shuttering before that at this point.

My intention wasn’t to make it sound time consuming; it was more about the tools that already exist for mailing lists.

> YES.  Also, as I said previously, it would allow you do opt-out of threads/discussions you are not interested in (which Mailman clearly does not do). It’s much more versatile than the current solution.

I was asking about threading conversations, like a hierarchical view. Like this:

I’ve only seen flat conversations that don’t allow conversations to fork naturally. If GitHub does support that, I’ve love to know about it, but I haven’t seen anything for it.

I agree that GitHub brings some nice features, but I think is also lacking in some as well. 

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