[swift-dev] State of Swift on Linux/ARM

Ron Olson tachoknight at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 10:54:19 CDT 2016

Hi all-

Is there any "official" place to check what the state of Swift on 
Linux/ARM is? Specifically, what HW platforms/distro combinations have 
working binaries? I've seen blogs about getting it compiled and working 
on Raspberry PIs, but they seem to have caveats as well as general 
surprise they got it to work at all.

I'm trying to compile Swift on an Nvidia TK1 board, which is an arm7+gpu 
soc running 32-bit Ubuntu 14, and before I delve too deeply into it 
(getting some linker errors), I'm wondering if I should bother; I've 
read that Swift is for 64-bit processors only, but then I read about 
getting it working on a Raspi where no 64-bit distro is available, 
AFAIK, so hence my confusion about what 'works' and what doesn't.

Thanks for any info,


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