[swift-dev] Right list?

Max Howell max.howell at apple.com
Fri Feb 19 18:50:51 CST 2016

Yes, we should probably take this to swift-build-dev.

> I'd like to add a Package property to namespace packages by origin,

Some namespacing will certainly be required, the sooner the better.

I was hoping to namespace with github username where possible, it’s mxcl’s PromiseKit after all.

> and to add aliases in Swift for renaming imports.

With namespacing we probably wouldn’t need this solution, which would be more ideal, eg:

    import Foo

Now you have two Foo, so any package that uses both must be specific:

    import mxcl.Foo
    import erica.Foo

Provided they are compiled such that the build system knows the namespaces at all times, we should be good. It’s only the user who doesn’t need to know at all times.

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