[swift-users] Swift for Nuttx RTOS

Igor Mironenko imironenko at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 16:46:43 CDT 2017


I am new to swift, but do believe it has a bright future. My background is
Java developer. I recently get engaged with the drone autopilot software
PX4 which is written in C++ and runs on Nuttx RTOS.

Currently the PX4 can be programmed on Mac with C++. Nuttx does support
C/C++ libraries as built in.

This may be a strange question, but I would like to understand, since both
Mac OS and Nuttx RTOS are POSIX certified would it be possible in any way
to create a program using Swift language but compile to run it on Nuttx?

Is it something that would require a special compiler to be build
specifically for Nuttx, just like there is one for Swift for Linux? In my
understanding Swift compiles to a binary code and does work with C/C++.
What am I missing here? I googled and looks like I'm the only one
interested in such work.

Please explain. Thank you.

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