[swift-users] LLDB fails when I update to Swift 3.1 (error in auto-import)

Jim Ingham jingham at apple.com
Fri Apr 14 13:24:03 CDT 2017

The lldb "types" log is the place where detailed info about what's going on gets dumped.  Turn that on with:

(lldb) log enable -f /tmp/lldb-types-log.txt lldb types


> On Apr 14, 2017, at 9:33 AM, Edward Connell via swift-users <swift-users at swift.org> wrote:
> Groan... I just tried to update to Swift 3.1 on ubuntu 16.04. Everything builds fine, but when I try to debug I get the dreaded:
> error in auto-import: failed to get module 'XYZ' from AST context
> Everything built and debugged just fine with the previous Swift release.
> I assume LLDB is unhappy about either failing to find an import, or somehow thinking there is a duplicate.
> How do we get LLDB to disclose the reason that it's failing?
> Thanks, Ed
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