[swift-users] Documentation for Linux Development

Steven Harms sgharms at stevengharms.com
Sun Dec 18 20:44:42 CST 2016


I've been playing with Swift in Linux contexts, but I was wondering, how is
one meant to consult reference work?

The Swift language book is written in iBooks...so I don't have access to
that in Linux. I'd love for there to be a PDF equivalent that I could leave
on the Linux environment to work with.

Alternatively, is there a rich HTML download of the API? I'm used to Perl
and Ruby which shipped rich HTML pages that allowed you to research the API
sans network connection.

I hate to think an IDE is required to use a language e.g. XCode. Surely we
should be able to code without an IDE's completion. I may be tempting the
nursing home by thinking vim and good docs should cut it :blush:.


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