[swift-users] Dollar library, good or not?

Saagar Jha saagar at saagarjha.com
Thu Oct 20 17:22:21 CDT 2016

IMO no. The author's Cent library (https://github.com/ankurp/Cent/) though
looks a lot "Swift-ier" to me, using extensions rather than a global "$".
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> A discussion on swift-evolution prompted me to look at the Dollar library (
> https://github.com/ankurp/Dollar). Is this library an example of good
> design? It doesn't seem to be to me. No doubt much of the actual
> functionality is helpful, I'm just asking about the API design.
> For example, why is everything hung off a variable ("$")? Why not just a
> collection of global methods?
> It seems to tout the fact that it's good because it does NOT extend any
> built-in objects, but that seems un-swifty.
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