[swift-users] Guide on how to use Swift Package Manager

Adrian Brink adrian at brink-holdings.com
Sat Aug 13 04:09:21 CDT 2016



so I would like to write a small CLI in Swift and use the Swift Package


However, I have a hard time finding resources that explain, which versions of
Swift support it exactly, what the init command is and where to go from there.


All I have found are these two resources:




Is there something like this:




I think this is crucial if we want to get new people to try out the open
source version of Swift because these tutorials are what people have come to
expect when approaching a new language.


If there is, I would appreciate it if we could share it and if there isn't it
would be nice if we, as a community, could create something like this, or at
least one README page that walks through the initial flow.


If someone is interested let me know and then we can try and make it work.

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