[swift-users] Server side swift application ?

Raphaël Wach raphael.wach at icloud.com
Sun May 1 09:48:13 CDT 2016

Hi Swift programmers,

I would like to ask for opinions or feedback about server side application with swift.
Is it realistic to think about creating an application server with swift ?
I would love to develop games with both client and server in Swift and get rid of any other technologies in my stack but I am not sure that it’s a good idea for now.
I know that IBM started to allows server side Swift in their cloud though probably not many people use it for now as it’s a very recent work.

So does that seem possible for you to develop, host and maintain a game server with Swift or should I keep using more common server side technologies like C++, Node.js… ?

Hopefully, you can give me advices and help me to choose the best solution.



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