[swift-users] Beginner Question

Rich De Steno ironrock at verizon.net
Sat Feb 13 12:09:37 CST 2016

I have created and circulated over years several games for Windows 
written in the C++ language.  I would like to upgrade the code to Swift 
and create iPhone apps for them.  I reviewed much of the Swift Guide at 
Swift.org, but it appears that I must install this Xcode 7 and a 
compiler, but all of this must be done on a Mac, which I do not 
currently have.  Is it correct that I must purchase a Mac computer to do 
this, and how difficult will it be to make this transition from a C++ 
Windows game to a Swift iPhone app? Programming is basically a hobby for 
me, not a profession.  Any guidance would be appreciated.

Rich De Steno

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