[swift-users] emoji in source code failed to compile in linux ubuntu

Quinn "The Eskimo!" eskimo1 at apple.com
Fri Dec 4 05:28:39 CST 2015

On 4 Dec 2015, at 11:12, Alex Blewitt <alex.blewitt at gmail.com> wrote:

> However it looks like the character is being encoded in your file as: ed a0 bd ed b8 80 which I’m not sure where that’s come from.

I can explain that.  U+1F603 is encoded in UTF-16 as d83d de03.  If you encode each of these separately as UTF-8, you get ed a0 bd followed by ed b8 80.  That's not the correct way to encode U+1F603 as UTF-8, hence the failure.

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