[swift-server-dev] HTTP API v0.1.0

Helge Heß me at helgehess.eu
Tue Nov 7 12:48:43 CST 2017

On 7. Nov 2017, at 17:02, Cory Benfield <cbenfield at apple.com> wrote:
>> On 7 Nov 2017, at 15:56, Helge Heß via swift-server-dev <swift-server-dev at swift.org> wrote:
>> On 7. Nov 2017, at 16:51, Georgios Moschovitis <george.moschovitis at icloud.com> wrote:
>>> There is also
>>> e) writeHeader => writeHead
>> The current API uses writeHeader for all headers. (writeHead sounds more like the one single response header). Though I agree it is in line with HTTPRequestHead 🤔
> If you want to be really pedantic, you are writing one response header section. The individual elements of the header section are the response line and zero or more header *fields*.
> Of course, and I can not stress this enough, these are all details that should not particularly factor in to your decision. They’re absurdly pedantic.

I like that ;-)


Look good to me, though I would prefer to have a distinct method for the continue and alike, so that the implementation can guard against usage errors.


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