[swift-server-dev] Draft proposal for TLS Service APIs (please review)

Gelareh Taban gtaban at us.ibm.com
Tue Apr 4 09:24:13 CDT 2017

I agree that Service is not a particularly good name but that was the best
I could think of. I liked Engine but (1) we are not implementing anything,
just overlaying and (2) I didnt want any confusion with with the SSL Engine
of OpenSSL.

So again, I would be interested in your recommendations!

(1) `Service` has the same problem
      if it’s just overlaying, maybe you should name it ‘TLSOverlay’,
‘TLSMiddleware’ or something.
      I still think, `Engine` is a pretty good name though, but will keep
thinking for better ones.

Great!  I like Engine as well, save for those points above.
Fortunately we have plenty of time for naming :-)

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