[swift-server-dev] [Security] Darwin compatibility?

Gelareh Taban gtaban at us.ibm.com
Mon Feb 6 14:13:48 CST 2017

Hi Tom,

Sorry I saw your comment on the chat channel too late.

I think you raise a good point. For me having this compatibility is
important for:

- consistency of API
- allow development, debugging and testing on both platforms. Let's face
it, (as of right now) we're definitely in a better shape for Swift on macOS
than Linux.



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Hi all,

Considered asking this on the call but thought it might be too out of scope
for the kickoff.

Is Darwin compatibility necessary, or at least, is it necessary for the TLS

It seems to me that it's highly unlikely that anyone will deploy a web
server on a Darwin kernel (i.e. a Mac) for any reasonable project. Why
should we waste any time on Darwin compatibility?

This is more of a devil’s advocate position, but looking at it
pragmatically it seems hard to justify. Can anyone provide a good reason
for Darwin compatibility?

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