[swift-server-dev] FYI: Swift Development Environment especially works in Linux

Jin Mingjian jin.phd at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 02:09:27 CST 2017

Hello, all in Swift server side group:) Hope not disturbing you.

FYI: I release a project[1] to enable you develop Swift in Linux more

I know many people use excellent xcode in macOS, but there is no xcode for
Linux. So comes this project.

I also know some people are continuing to drive the progress of Swift at Linux,
like Alex(very old friend from Eclipse) in this group. So you may want to
do a quick test. (To use SDE, now you should have a Swift tool called
"sourcekitd-repl" to build). This project maybe work in macOS, but I have
no machine to test. If you like to give me some feedback, I will fix it for

Further, I watch all discusses in the group. As a veteran in backend, I
keep my own opinions. Spring like frameworks are the start, but not the
destination of Swift. In fact, Spring/Hibernate/Struct is terribly bad, and
often bump vulnerabilities to jeopardize the whole server.(After to Tesla,
Chris may pay more attentions to the security of codes and coding). Netty
is not good enough, although it leave many experiences and lessons for
latter comers.

What's the Swift to truely attract me is that it is well and careful
designed from the aspect of industry and engineering(thanks to Chris and
more). High performance will not be lost with the elegant codes for a
scalable team. We have a chance to re-define the development of
server/system engineering.

I hope all of us can embrace the Swift as a general language more. We are
doing it!


[1] https://github.com/jinmingjian/sde
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