[swift-server-dev] Database API/Framework

Chris Bailey BAILEYC at uk.ibm.com
Tue Oct 25 13:41:32 CDT 2016

Hi Ron:

As you say, that's outside of the scope of the work group, however I do 
think its a valuable area that the various existing web framework groups 
might be interested in collaborating on. Having a common, recognized 
framework that the database providers or third parties would be interested 
in writing database drivers for would be a huge step forward.

I know that Vapor has its Fluent ORM framework, and that its an area that 
the Kitura team are looking at as well, so your post might kick-start some 
wider discussion.


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Hi all-

I've been working with Swift more on Linux than macOS and am very 
excited to see the formation of this group. Looking at the server api 
workgroup's focus, I notice it's primarily low-level interaction with 
the operating system. When might it be a good time to bring up the 
possibility of creating a database-specific framework for those folks 
who want to work directly with Postgres, MySQL, even DB2 and Oracle; I'm 
thinking a JDBC-inspired framework that drivers could be written 


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