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Mon Jan 4 11:00:01 CST 2016

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 6:50 PM, Todd Fiala via swift-lldb-dev <
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> On Dec 28, 2015, at 10:39 AM, William Dillon via swift-lldb-dev <
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> Hi Todd,
> Yes, I think that LLDB is more or less working with Swift on ARM.  We can
> start the REPL and do some tasks with it, though it isn’t all that reliable
> yet.
> I’d love to hear about the reliability piece if you have more details
> there!
>  There are two files in the swift-lldb PR that I merged in from Joe Bell
> that fixed the REPL.  I think, however, than they would need to go to the
> lldb.llvm.org repo, rather than the swift one.
> I think I’ve seen the llvm.org side of that patch.  Somebody else and I
> had a question about some static casts in there, but we’ll catch up on that
> side if it is the same patch I’m thinking about.
>  There is a question about that, though.  Joe added armv7l into the
> ArchSpec table, but I don’t think that armv7l is a real subtype.  I’ve been
> very confused by the ARM nomenclature on linux (I don’t think I’m alone
> here), and I think that armv7l means armv7 little endian.  So, should these
> get converted to armv7 somewhere else and revert the changes to the
> ArchSpec table?
> This is a great question that I am not the right resource to answer.  *Greg
> or Jason,* any thoughts here on question of arm subtypes?  (My first take
> is that I’d expect each subtype to represent a different set of features
> and instructions available, and not be used solely for an endianness
> designation, but that’s not an area I do much work in).

We have discussed this before with Tim Northover, and he suggested that we
canonicalize armv7l to armv7 when parsing the triple from the command line.


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