[swift-evolution] continuations - "extensions on steroids" idea

Mike Kluev mike.kluev at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 20:16:52 CDT 2017

On 3 November 2017 at 21:36, Adam Kemp <adam_kemp at apple.com> wrote:

> Your ledger idea might theoretically prevent some of those bad things from
> happening, but at the expense of making the whole thing unusable for this
> use case. That’s not a good trade off.

well, this particular one is not impossible with ledger:

class View: UIView {
   part Feature1    // *** default
   optional part Feature2   // *** the behaviour you describing

or even this (if majority agrees this is a better default):

class View: UIView {
   required part Feature1    // *** opt-in
   part Feature2   // *** optional, the behaviour you describing

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