[swift-evolution] Extending trailing closure sugar similar to property accessors

Eric Summers eric_summers at icloud.com
Thu Nov 2 18:04:46 CDT 2017

I’d like to hear thoughts on extending trailing closure syntax to avoid long inline closures.  A significant benefit to adopting this sugar would be to clarify indentation style for long inline closures.  I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I couldn’t find anything searching the list.

There is a lot of discussion about hacking around the issues with inline closures.  Here are a few examples:

I think a syntax similar to property accessors to allow multiple trailing closures could make these scenarios feel swifty.  Property accessors already have a "get" specialization that is similar to the current trailing closures syntax, so in theory this could be a backwards compatible extension. 

func foobar(a: Int, b: Int, completionBlock: ((Int, Int) -> Void), failureBlock: ((Int, Int) -> Void) {
    // ...
// Current syntax:
foobar(a: 1, b: 2,
    completionBlock: { x, y in
    // ...
    failureBlock: { i, j in
    // ...
// A sugar similar to property accessors for multiple trailing closures:
foobar(a: 1, b: 2) {
    completionBlock { x, y in
    // ...
    failureBlock { i, j in
    // ...


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