[swift-evolution] [SPM] Roadmap?

Jean-Christophe Pastant jcpastant at xebia.fr
Tue Oct 31 04:37:14 CDT 2017

Ok so seems to me like there are 2 big needs that came up often on this
thread: better integration for iOS and for C/C++.

For iOS, Build settings would definitely be a huge plus as it would allow
to generate a full configured xcodeproj file (and thus
build/sign/distribute the app). Not perfect but that would pave the way for
next steps.

For C/C++ however I have no idea of what is missing in SPM ecosystem. I
guess build settings would be good interesting, but would it be enough?

Jean-Christophe Pastant

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2017-10-29 22:47 GMT+01:00 Georgios Moschovitis <
george.moschovitis at icloud.com>:

> I would like to see:
> - Xcode integration
>   I guess that entails:
>   - Support for iOS
>   - Support for Assets
> - Better error reporting (SPM’s error messages are often cryptic)
> - Improve the testing story on Linux (as mentioned elsewhere)
> -g.
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