[swift-evolution] New async keyword usage

Wallacy wallacyf at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 10:05:57 CDT 2017

Interesting, its syntax seems to improve the "fire and forget" issue.

@IBAction func buttonClicked() {
	async downloadAndUpdateImageView()

In this case, the return Future<void> also does not need to be produced as
one of the compiler optimization.


func someAsyncFunc() async -> User {
	var userData = async downloadUserData() // userData is of type
Future<UserData> as we used async	var image = async downloadImage() //
Equivalentely, image is of type Future<UIImage>	return await
User(userData, image) // Await is somehow "unwarping" the futures back
into UserData and UIImage}

Makes sense to me, its pretty clear that downloadUserData and downloadImage can
be run in parallel, and the "sync point" is the only point when you need
the actual value.

What made me curious about this pattern is to do something like that:

func getUser() async -> User {
	var userData = async downloadUserData() 	var image = async
downloadImage() 	return async User(userData, image)}func
SomethingUsingUser() -> Void {
	var user = await getUser() //Only here	printf(user.age > 21 ? "Let's
Drink" : "See you later!")
}// ORfunc Something2UsingUser() -> Void {
	var user = async getUser()
	var ageToDrink = getDrinkAge();	printf(user.get().age > ageToDrink ?
"Let's Drink" : "See you later!")
}// ORfunc Something2UsingUser() -> Void {
	var user = async getUser()
	var ageToDrink = async getDrinkAge();
	printf(await user.age > ageToDrink ? "Lets Drink" : "See you
latter!") // i dont know if this make sense}// OR maybe continue the
processfunc CanDrink() -> async bool {
	var user = async getUser()
	return async ()=>{ user.get().age > 21 }  // Or other way to pass a
future computation.}

But the bast part is enable this:

func CanDrink() -> bool {
	var user = async getUser()
	var isOpenToDrink = barIsOpen()
	return isOpenToDrink ? (user.get().age > 21) : false // if bar is not
open, we dont need to evaluate user, and the task can be suspended

Em qui, 24 de ago de 2017 às 08:40, Trevör ANNE DENISE via swift-evolution <
swift-evolution at swift.org> escreveu:

> Hello Swift community,
> I was really interested by the recent* Task-based concurrency manifesto*
>  and *Concrete proposal for async semantics in Swift.*
> Looking at beginAsync() and Futures, I had an idea for a new syntax based
> on the `async` keyword, I'd love to hear your feedback about this idea:
> https://github.com/adtrevor/Swift-ideas/blob/master/New%20async%20keyword%20usage.md
> Would such a syntax make any sense?
> Thank you ! :)
> Trevör
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