[swift-evolution] Async vs Actor

Benjamin Garrigues bg at simpleapp.fr
Thu Aug 24 04:15:46 CDT 2017

Hi, not a compiler developer in any way, but i recently had the opportunity
to experiment with this pattern in go (thanks to

It seems by reading the threads that the idea of mixing actor with async,
or actor with callbacks raises a lot of question related to the order in
which the instructions should be called.
Since actor seems to me like a way to reduce threading complexity (so it
should be a "no brainer" as to what to was in which order), and are cheap,
wouldn't a "solution' to simply say :

"execute an async call from an actor is done by spawning another actor,
sending the request to it, having it execute the request in a blocking
manner (but in its own thread/coroutine) then wait for his response message
as a regular call from actor to actor" ?

Now maybe one could say that "async" is just a shortcut for doing all this.
But i thought this was a simple way to think about it.

Just to my 2 cents.
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