[swift-evolution] RFC: structuring forums for best use for swift-evolution

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Wed Aug 2 02:44:07 CDT 2017

Thanks for the update!

> -  We currently have swift-evolution and swift-evolution-announce.  Should we use a specific “category” in the forum for "proposals that are in active review" — and possibly remove the need to have something like swift-evolution-announce?  
Guess swift-evolution-announce is the right place to ask this question… but I don't know where the answers should go ;-)

> Just to help frame the rest of the discussion on this thread, the intention is to move all of the lists to Discourse.
All lists, and a single instance of Discourse?
I don't remember if there was a discussion about Discourse in swift-dev… imho that list doesn't suffer from the problems that evolution has.
Also, it will be very easy to cross-post from users to evolution (without switching from Mailclient to browser and search for a post in the archives), so imho a strong separation has no downsides.

> - Should we have other topical areas to organize discussions?  If so, at what granularity?
There are some topics (multithreading, metaprogramming, reflection, generics, ownership…) that imho couldn't be pushed forward on the mailing list because of their size.
I hope Discourse will help to manage concepts that don't fit in a single proposal (there's a wiki posts feature that sounds promising) and allows talking about features that can't be implemented soon, but might be affected by short-term changes.
There are already some manifestos written, so I guess there might be Core members with special interest in certain topics who could act as patron for "their" subject.

I'm quite sure that moving to a forum will increase the number of posts dramatically — but it also offers help to manage higher throughput:
- We could have one or more focus-topics for each release ("X is up next, other topics won't receive much attention from Core")
- With likes, there's an easy way to signal agreement to an opinion without flooding the ML. This could help Core to to find relevant input.

Looking forward to login ;-)
- Tino
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