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>> I agree, this makes focusing on the right types of changes much easier and helps us avoid turning Swift into an incoherent conglomeration of random use-cases (*cough*, C#, *cough*).
>> Now, the question is: when will be the time to officially push the factory initializers proposal and which stage should it be targeting?
> I think there's definitely a need for greater clarity; we could really do with better announcements on the list itself as to when the new phase begins and exactly what is in-scope, it also needs to be put more clearly on the swift-evolution repository.
> Thing is; people are going to have ideas when they have them, and want to discuss them right away. I've been caught out numerous times with proposals that are almost immediately rejected as out of scope, and still have no idea when I'm supposed to resubmit them.
> To be honest it's demoralising, as I find myself apathetic towards my own ideas as I have no idea when to revisit them, and by the time I do I've largely lost interest and moved on to other things.
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I am sitting on a number of ideas that I think have merit (in a non-random use-case non-C# way) and I have no idea when the right time will be to bring them up. Several were marked as "bring forward to Swift 4" and obvious that was never going to happen for them.

I think having a queue to submit "proposals for eventually", written when the inspiration is there, and having a core team review (say once a month or even once a quarter) of their viability for future Swift directions would be amazingly valuable.

An example: https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/pull/369 <https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/pull/369>

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