[swift-evolution] Pitch: Automatically deriving Equatable/Hashable for more value types

Brent Royal-Gordon brent at architechies.com
Wed May 10 00:27:24 CDT 2017

> On May 9, 2017, at 3:53 PM, Tony Allevato via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> Likewise, proposing a new public addition to the standard library would inspire far more design discussion than I believe we have time for if we want this to make Swift 4. :)

Agreed. What I would do here is add an `_combineHashes` function (or `Hashable` extension method, or whatever is most convenient) to the standard library in Swift 4, have your compiler magic feature use it, and defer the name-and-interface discussion until Swift 5.

Brent Royal-Gordon

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