[swift-evolution] Yet Another Access Control Pitch: Flexible Scoping

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Fri Apr 14 22:31:16 CDT 2017

If we're to talk about ideas and needs, my favored access control design is
one that pares back to only two modifiers: public and internal. Either the
thing is public API, or it is not. Ditch everything else.
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> Hi Erica,
> > On 15 Apr 2017, at 08:44, Erica Sadun via swift-evolution <
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> >
> > Like SE-0077's precedencegroup, this proposal is meant to mostly be
> invisible to end-users. Most Swift users will never know anything changed
> from S3/SE-0169 but it would support powerful use-cases for people who do
> serious coding.
> I really like this proposal (Flexible Scoping). My one suggestion would be
> to make it clearer that for the average user, they just keep using the
> pre-defined access control levels as you’ve mentioned above.
> I’m a little tired of seeing flexible access control referred to as an
> anti-goal — everyone has different requirements from this language, and
> this is the first time I’ve seen something that would potentially cover
> everybody’s needs without needlessly restricting things to meet one group’s
> idea of best practice. I’d ask that members of the community please
> consider that their ideas and needs are not everybody’s ideas and needs
> when assessing potentially contentious proposals like this one.
> Personally, I’ve found the conversations around access control on this
> mailing list draining to the point I’ve unsubscribed from the list a few
> times. This is the first time I've felt like someone might be on the right
> track to solving this issue in a future-proof manner, and not just whacking
> a band-aid on the actual underlying issues.
> Regardless of the outcome of discussions around this, thank you for the
> work that Jeffrey and yourself have put into it.
> I'll +1 the heck out of this proposal if it gets to review.
> thanks,
> Tony
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