[swift-evolution] [swift-evolution-announce] [Review] SE-0169: Improve Interaction Between private Declarations and Extensions

Chris Lattner clattner at nondot.org
Wed Apr 12 00:39:25 CDT 2017

> On Apr 10, 2017, at 12:28 PM, John McCall via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
>> Speaking just for myself, I don't think we'd accept such a change purely for aesthetics;
>> If I recall correctly, Chris in post-review discussions communicated that a new keyword to replace `fileprivate` would be considered if `fileprivate` turned out to be commonly used enough to be aesthetically problematic?
> Yes.  We would consider it.  Chris probably believes that we're more likely to accept that change than I do; that's why I was careful to say that I was just speaking for myself.  (Chris didn't need to say that explicitly in his message because he wasn't explicitly speaking for the Core Team in other parts.)

FWIW, there is a temporal aspect to this.  1-2 weeks ago, I was more open to the discussion about renaming fileprivate.  However, as of the core team meeting last week, it became clear that the priority of maintaining source stability (and thus, not massively thrashing source files in the 3->4 conversion) is an overriding concern.

As such, it is clear that changing fileprivate isn’t going to happen.  This is the direct sequence of events that led to 0169 being proposed.


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