[swift-evolution] [Draft Proposal] Improve protocol inheritance behaviour

Nevin Brackett-Rozinsky nevin.brackettrozinsky at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 09:29:58 CDT 2017

The way I want things to work, “super” always calls the superclass’s method
with matching name and signature.

For the scenario you outlined, the superclass defines such a method, so it
gets called. For the situation relevant to this proposal, if the superclass
*obtains* such a method via default implementation of a protocol
requirement, I want exactly the same thing to happen.

Namely, when the subclass’s override calls “super”, I want the
superclass’s method with identical name and signature to be invoked. It
does not matter where the superclass *got* that method, all that matters is
the superclass *has* such a method, in which case it gets called.

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