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>> Here, a function call is an _intentional_ act. Writing a function not
>> meant to be called is an _intentional_ act. It is strange that you would
>> demand the compiler to stand between two of your own intentional acts.
> Yesterday I stated one intention. Today I (or a coworker) act with a
> contradictory intention.
> One of these intentions, or some underlying assumption, must be in error.

Must it? Contradiction != error. I can simultaneously not want to expose a
member as the vendor of the API *and* want to invoke the same member as the
consumer of the API. Why must I be in error?

> Why would I want to rely on a human to notice the error, if I can make the
> compiler do it?
> It is normal to want the compiler to catch my errors. It is strange to
> prefer finding errors manually.

I can agree that compilers should catch errors. I want to persuade you that
what we are talking about here does not fall into the category of error.

You might persuade me that the cost (in language complexity) of having the
> compiler detect the contradiction outweighs the benefit.
> But I doubt you can persuade me that the detection has no benefit.
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