[swift-evolution] Pitch: Replacement for FileHandle

Nick Keets nick.keets at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 07:08:18 CST 2017

I’m going OT here, but even though I understand your reasons, you need to
acknowledge that for developers the rational thing to do is to not file
radars at all.

Any bug fix will get released at best a few months later and you can only
actually take advantage of it a few years later (if you care about
supporting older versions). More realistically we are talking 3-4 years of
having to work around it (in the best cases). This is a lot of work (with
almost zero feedback) for some far future benefit that probably will not
even be relevant to you then.

So to me, when an Apple developer asks me to file a radar, it feels like
they are asking me to do their job.

I’m sorry for the off-topic rant.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 1:45 AM, Tony Parker via swift-evolution <
swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:

> On Feb 15, 2017, at 2:25 PM, Charles Srstka <cocoadev at charlessoft.com>
> wrote:
> On Feb 15, 2017, at 3:11 PM, Itai Ferber <iferber at apple.com> wrote:
> FYI, Tony is the manager of the Foundation team. :)
> We care very much about making sure that the experience of using our
> framework is a positive one — the more Radars we get, the better we can
> prioritize improving APIs that are not working as well as they could be for
> our users. Even if the Radar gets duped to an existing one, thats one more
> +1 for that Radar saying "this is a problem".
> Yeah I know, but it’s a frustrating experience, spending a half hour
> writing a detailed bug report (sometimes with videos attached to
> demonstrate the issue), just to effectively do the same thing as spending 5
> seconds to hit the +1 button on most issue trackers you come across.
> Especially since you never find out what happened to the original bug
> report. You can see if it’s open or closed, but did they fix it in some
> internal build? Did they decide it “behaves correctly?” Did somebody just
> skim your report, and mistakenly attach it to some other, unrelated issue?
> There’s no way to know.
> I will search for your old Radar, but in any case, please do file a new
> one about this, and about any other issues you have, because we are indeed
> listening.
> I was pretty sure I'd submitted something way, way back in the misty days
> of yore, but I can’t find it. I’ve filed a couple of new ones:
> rdar://30543037 and rdar://30543133.
> Charles
> Thanks for filing these.
> Sometimes, for process reasons, we do indeed mark bugs as dupes of other
> ones. Usually the polite thing to do is to dupe to the earliest filed one.
> Sometimes this comes across with an appearance of not caring to the filer
> of the new bug, but our intent is simply to consolidate the reports we have
> so that we know that the issue is serious.
> We do not make API changes without going through a vigorous review
> process, to avoid churn for the many clients above us. The flip side is
> that this can take some time. I’m sure you understand that all software
> engineering is about tradeoffs.
> All of that said, we’ll take a look at these and see what improvements we
> can make here. As I said, I’m not a fan of exception-based API.
> - Tony
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