[swift-evolution] array splatting for variadic parameters

Dimitri Racordon Dimitri.Racordon at unige.ch
Wed Feb 15 03:28:53 CST 2017

> "Splatting" as the OP suggests is a simpler solution, but leaves variadics limited to a unique syntax with no control over type;

I also your prefer the proposal than my initial suggestion.

> I could of course be biased, but then I've never really supported variadics as a feature in the first place 😏

To be perfectly honest, I’m not the biggest zealot of variadics neither =D

However, I spend most of my time writing libraries for people unfamiliar with programming, or even computer science in general. As a result, I often provide them with "domain specific languages” embedded in some host language. Swift fits that job extremely well, thanks to many of its features; variadics are one of them.

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