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Adrian Zubarev adrian.zubarev at devandartist.com
Thu Feb 9 06:50:11 CST 2017

That last one is horrible to even look at (that’s my personal point of view). It’s packed full with unnecessary UI, which reminds me of the time when html-tables ruled all over the place. Discourse has a nice minimalistic look and I’m sure people that will setup the forum will tweak it to make it feel more appropriate for Swift, just like the design of the evolution-page was tweaked several times.

Here is really good example of how a huge/popular topic like the current one or String in Swift 4 would look like with Discourse (I picked one from Rust with lots of replies): https://users.rust-lang.org/t/high-order-function-with-type-parameter/3112/

+1 for Discourse, I think it really is the right choice.

Adrian Zubarev
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Am 9. Februar 2017 um 12:42:04, Jan Neumüller via swift-users (swift-users at swift.org) schrieb:

My problem with Discourse lies in its terrible ui. It  is like most modern social media: totally useless to find stuff and stay organized in it. It reminds my heavy on the terrible ui of Facebook and the redone developer forums at Apple that have gone from fine to utterly useless chaos. Perhaps I’m to old for modern web, but what are other finding great at this?

I would prefer http://www.fudforum.org/ that has good mailing list support, too.

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