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Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Tue Feb 7 06:08:57 CST 2017

> I’d encourage those who want web forums to give Mail.app a try. It does a remarkable job of keeping emails threaded.
That doesn't read like we are using the same Mail.app… it's not failing on a regular basis for me, but it's far away from being remarkable (at least not remarkably good).

Sticking with Email feels terribly behind the times, and considering Swift being such a young language, that imho is really odd.
Email is old and trusted, but the emphasis is on old: The whole protocol has big flaws which no one anticipated in the early days, which have never been fixed, and which most likely won't be fixed ever.
Discourse on the other hand may have some features that could have a tiny negative impact for those who prefer to keep things as they have been in the eighties, but it is not a huge network of servers and clients governed by several billion different parties which makes progress impossible.
It's a single software fully controlled by whoever sets it up — and you know what: It's even open source!
So every programmer here has the ability to solve all the issues that have been brought up as an argument to stick with mailing lists (and as it happens to be that I am a programmer, that gives me a great feeling of empowerment, whereas the legacy of email leaves me powerless).

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