[swift-evolution] Strings in Swift 4

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Fri Jan 20 06:58:35 CST 2017

> Le 20 janv. 2017 à 05:07, Saagar Jha via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> a écrit :
> Looks pretty good in general from my quick glance–at least, it’s much better than the current situation. I do have a couple of comments and questions, which I’ve inlined below.
> Saagar Jha
> Any reason why Locale is defaulted to nil, instead of currentLocale? It seems more useful to me.

Don’t know the rational here, but it may prevent a lots of bugs.
Having a call that behave differently depending the system locale is a pain. I can’t recall how many time I had ti fix tests cases because they where implicitly relying on the default locale.
It also caused many issue with scanning and formatting non localized values as you have to explicitly specify a neutral local which is usually not properly done by the developers.

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