[swift-evolution] Update on the Swift Project Lead

André Jansen Medeiros Villar goolic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 12:15:51 CST 2017

2017-01-11 15:18 GMT-02:00 John Pratt via swift-evolution <
swift-evolution at swift.org>:

> You are just going to drop this entire project, that has its name
> associated with you,
> for a very fierce competitor?
> However capable Ted Kremenek is, and I am sure that is, you have
> collectively decided
> to break this programming language every year or so.
> Who is going to get behind this programming language now that it is
> associated with
> a turncoat?

If you parse Chris e-mail carefully he says he intends to continue a core
member of the swift team. He has devoted great energy and passion on this
project as he has devoted to LLVM.

I suspect whatever Chris is to do at his new job he is invested in the
success of this project and community.
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