[swift-evolution] Update on the Swift Project Lead

Georgios Moschovitis george.moschovitis at icloud.com
Wed Jan 11 03:33:03 CST 2017

Good news for Chris and Ted, I guess, congrats guys :)

I am wondering, what’s the future of Playgrounds, now that it’s main ‘driver’ left Apple?
Playgrounds is definitely one early killer app for Swift, it would be a pity for the project to stagnate.


PS: I am also wondering if Tesla will start using some Swift now ;-P

> One thing that I don’t think is fully appreciated by the community: Ted has been one of the quiet but incredible masterminds behind Swift (and Clang, and the Clang Static Analyzer) for many years.  His approach and modesty has led many to misunderstand the fact that he has actually been running the Swift team for quite some time (misattributing it to me).  While I’m super happy to continue to participate in the ongoing evolution and design of Swift, I’m clearly outmatched by the members of the Apple Swift team, and by Ted’s leadership of the team.  This is the time for me to graciously hand things over to folks who are far more qualified than me.  Swift has an incredible future ahead of it, and I’m really thrilled to be small part of the force that helps guide its direction going forward.
> -Chris
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