[swift-evolution] Swift evolution proposal: introduce typeprivate access control level

Marinus van der Lugt rien at starbase55.com
Sun Dec 4 06:42:19 CST 2016

Just spend a bit of time to try an figure out how these “cards” work.
But it is not user friendly imo.
I simply don’t have the time to learn the concept and read the user manuals to try and figure out the details.
(I did sign up, I did try to read “the basics”, but I am probably not nimble enough…)
The problem I face with things like this is that the reward/commitment is so low that I cannot justify the time spend on it.


> On 4 Dec 2016, at 02:25, Jay Abbott via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> @Xiaodi @Tino
> Apologies for my assumption that every developer already knows how to use Trello - the “lists” contain “cards” and the cards can be opened and you can add a more detailed description, comments, checklists, images, and other stuff. The thing you see in the list is just the title/headline of the card. Have another go.
> https://trello.com/b/fmv4uV3n/swift-access-control <https://trello.com/b/fmv4uV3n/swift-access-control>
> @Xiaodi
> Feel free to add a new list called “Bad Features” if you want, and add one card for each anti-feature, with a title and more detail/information in the card description about why it’s bad.
> I agree that friend classes in C++ were a horrible thing, but I think that my suggestion of “detailed access control defined by the user in named access-groups” would solve such problems, by allowing API authors to define “friends” however they like, and name them Friends or ToDoFixThisProperly or ThingsThatCanAccessMyProperty or MutableSubclasses or ImmutableSubclasses (etc.). Rien also suggested pretty much the same thing, but with the definition directly in the access(details go here about exactly what can access) modifier instead of being defined in a named group.
> On Sat, 3 Dec 2016 at 21:28 Tino Heth <2th at gmx.de <mailto:2th at gmx.de>> wrote:
>> An interesting format. Since it's a list, I'm not sure how to go about commenting on the items already there with which I disagree. IMO, the format doesn't lend itself to discussion.
> I have to agree… although I fear the major problem isn't the format, but rather the spirit: I guess tools would help, but they do nothing without commitment for collaboration.
> But it is definitely worth a try. Imho the board is at least a small improvement over email when it's about collecting thoughts, so thank you, Jay (and let's hope for the best)
> - Tino
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